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Rubbish Removal Through Upcycling

Rubbish Removal Through Upcycling

Rubbish removal does not mean just throwing away unwanted items. It is possible to reuse unwanted items and transform them into something new and even beautiful. Of course, it is not always possible to reuse every single component of an unwanted item and so a traditional form of rubbish removal may still be required.

Isn’t this Just Recycling?

Recycling is a form of rubbish removal that involves taking items to a place where they can be broken down into their base materials for use elsewhere. For example, glass bottles can be crushed into powder and then mixed into new tarmac.
Upcycling involves changing items in your home or garden so that they can be used for other things in the same space.

What are Common ways of Upcycling?
Almost any item can be upcycled into something else. It is impossible to reuse every single component and item so you may still require some rubbish removal. After you finish upcycling as many items as possible, a good way to deal with the scraps of rubbish leftover is to call a company like Clearabee to handle the sorting and removal of all the different items on your behalf.

Upcycling Clothes
Thanks to upcycling, clothes can be transformed into stylish, new-looking pieces. It helps to have a little sewing knowledge but nothing here is too difficult and a lot of techniques are learned quickly and easily.

Off-the-shoulder shirts: Button-down shirts can be transformed into light summer tops. Button the middle of the shirt so that the top and bottom are left undone, the shirt should sit so that your shoulders are left bare. Tuck the collar in at the back and sew it down before tying the bottom of the shirt into a bow. You now have a completely different item of clothing and you only need to discard a couple of buttons.

Denim Skirts: Discarding old clothes and acquiring new ones is a problem for those who have lost a lot of weight. However, jeans that have become too large can be transformed into a skirt that fits well. All you need to do is cut the legs at the desired length, remove the back pockets and cut up the inside leg seams. Take the fabric on the sides in a little to make it fit better before sewing it all back together and you now have a lovely little denim skirt.

Upcycling Toys
Children inevitably outgrow their toys. Sometimes they can be passed on to other children who are the right age but sometimes they have nowhere to go. However, it is possible to transform these toys into useful household items.

Lego Cable Holder: Those little U-shaped hands Lego people have are actually the perfect size for holding onto most USB cables. This is a great way to prevent the floor surrounding a home office space from becoming a tangled tripping hazard. All you need to do is find a base for the Lego person to sit or stand on. With some sticky velcro tabs, you can create a series of interchangeable attachments for the side of your computer monitor.

Creative Bookends: Plastic figurines make wonderful bookends. All you need is to saw them in half and glue them to L-shaped pieces of wood. Spray-painting them the same colour helps achieve a more uniform look and disguises the seam where the sawn half was attached to the wood.

The Waste at the End
While upcycling reduces rubbish removal, it does not eliminate it. Every project will generate scraps which have to be thrown away. However, since the point is to keep as much away from landfill as possible, hiring a company to deal with all the rubbish is the smartest move. Clearabee manages to prevent 90% of the rubbish they collect from entering landfills, making them the perfect choice for the environmentally conscious when disposing of the scraps even upcycling cannot save.

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