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Reduction of couplings and its application in particle physics

The story is about certain pilots who are attempting to break the height record, getting over 30 miles in their anecdotal innovation air ship.

A portion of the pilots have mysteriously rainbows , and the hero infers that this is on the grounds that their planes were cleared up by an auxiliary moon that circles extremely near the Earth. They go up and attempt to discover it and wind up arriving on this moon.

At that point it gets somewhat odd, they find that its occupied by a race of frog vampires that subjugate green people for their blood.

Edmond Hamilton’s The Second Satellite delineation

All through the story, there are a few pieces of information that are given to decide the circle and properties of the planet. Be that as it may, when you attempt to sort these out, they don’t make any sense.

The story begins with a talk about the four pilots that had vanished. It is expressed that they vanished over Baja California, Sweden, Long Island, and Australia. The hero presumes that these lie on a Great Circle, a hover with a similar outline as the equator.

From this, he infers this is reliable with the planes getting cleared up by the satellite. I utilized a site called scribblemaps.com to draw Great Circles on a guide… it’s in reality quite difficult to get them to experience the focuses you need.

While I could get a straight line (on a rectangular projection) through the four areas of intrigue (Australia being huge enough to give some elbowroom), I was not able get a Great Circle right to Sweden.


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